Judges are one of the most important elements of The Cosmos Championship: without them, we can't have debates.

Judges are responsible for overseeing and adjudicating debates in The Cosmos Championship. In doing so, it is vital for our judges to have experience and be confident in their abilities to fulfil the role as they form a vital link in our championship's operations. 

We provide free training to all of our judges, as well as exclusive events, regular opportunities to debate other adjudicators (the Cosmos experience for debaters who are too old to compete) and it is a great way to gain more experience as a judge, become a better debater in doing so, earn volunteer hours, and help The Cosmos Championship.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Judge Application

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3. Submit Your Application 

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If you seem like a good fit, someone from our team will reach out to the email provided. This might be to invite you to become a judge in The Cosmos Championship, initiate an interview, or ask some follow-up questions.

We always need more qualified adjudicators. If you know someone who you think would be a great fit, please direct them here!

Thank you for your application! We look forward to reviewing it.

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