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Making international debate accessible, fun, & easy to approach

While enabling you to compete, get ranked, and win against the world in its largest debate competition

Cosmos is redefining debate so anyone can access and enjoy it

Through a gamified user experience, we enable students across the world to debate one another on demand.

Learn how to become a better arguer

  • Develop critical thinking, debate, and public speaking skills

  • Self-paced curriculum developed by world champions & Ivy League academics

  • Designed to be easy to approach, fun, and applicable to every day life

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On-Demand Fast Fun

  • Full round in 40 minutes or less - no preparation required

  • Beginner and expert friendly

  • Skill-based matchmaking

  • Fun to participate in and watch

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Diverse Perspectives & Discussions

  • Engage in debate with people 1000's of miles away 

  • Challenge the way you think about world issues by hearing unique perspectives

  • Become a global citizen

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Global Competition & Rankings

  • Rank your arguing & critical thinking ability against the world

  • The world's largest debate championship

  • 10K+ in awards,  fellowships, certifications, & prestigious internships

  • AI enabled feedback from every debate

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Next-Level Events

  • Events designed to be entertaining to watch & challenge your thinking

  • e.g. Interview between Ivy League Economist & a homeless man, Harvard debate team vs a Former Head of State 

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would tell 5 friends about Cosmos

3.5 Hours

Average amount of time people spend on Cosmos per week  or ≈ 7 debates


use Cosmos to learn how to debate (not to worry, people are matched based on skill)


of users use Cosmos to get better at english 

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