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Building the skillsets to depolarize  the next generation 

While enabling educational organizations to compete on who creates the best critical thinkers

Polarization is undermining democracies 

as the next generation faces mounting global challenges





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of Americans...

... believe America has become so polarized it can no longer solve major  issues

Clock ...

... has

never been closer to Midnight



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Polarization in

... is more toxic today than it has been in decades, and it shows no signs of abating

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


People Fear...




Almost every teenager loves to argue 

Yet relatively few end up participating in discourse based extracurriculars such as debate 


Cosmos is redefining debate so anyone can access and enjoy it

Through a gamified user experience, we enable students across the world to debate one another on demand.

Develop Critical Thinking & Presentation Skills

Debate teaches students how to :

  • Analyze big ideas

  • Build arguments & narratives

  • Present convincingly

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Leading Curiculum

  • Self-paced curriculum developed by world champions & Ivy League academics

  • Virtual coaching solutions with debate experts available

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On-Demand Debate

  • It's like having debate practice available 24/7

  • Skill-based matchmaking

  • The perfect tool for debaters to hone their skills

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Next-Level Events

  • Events designed to inspire & widen students perspectives

  • e.g. Interview between Ivy League Economist & a homeless man, Harvard debate team vs a Former Head of State 

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Easy to approach
and Learn

  • Designed to make debate easy to learn 

  • Low stakes environment that makes practice easy, safe, and fun

  • Accommodates every skill level from beginner to expert

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Global Competition & Rankings

  • Enables students to compete, and get ranked,  on a global stage 

  • Enables schools and educational organizations to compete on who has the best critical thinkers

  • The world's largest debate championship

  • 10K+ in awards,  fellowships, certifications, & prestigious internships

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Diverse Perspectives & Discussions

  • Engage in debate with people 1000's of miles away 

  • Challenges the way students think about world issues by hearing unique perspectives

  • Diverse ideas gives students the edge in local tournaments 

  • Encourages global citizenship

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would tell 5 friends about Cosmos

3.5 Hours

Average amount of time students spend on Cosmos per week


of users have never debated before Cosmos


of users use Cosmos to get better at english 

Interested in using the Cosmos platform?  

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