Would you like the unprecedented opportunity debate the world during the weekend without leaving your home?

Welcome to the Cosmos Championship

The Cosmos Championship focuses on giving students the opportunity to debate on an international and intercontinental scale. This allows participants to engage with arguments from a global perspective, learn about the ideals of different countries and cultures, make worldwide connections, possibly learn a new style of debate, and debate other students who live thousands of miles away; something only the best or wealthiest debaters would normally have the chance to do, ALL FOR FREE.

Almost every high school student has wondered how their skills match up on a global scale, this is your chance to find out. 

With each of the Intercontinental Leagues encompassing countries and cities from 2-3 continents, the Cosmos Championship accommodates high school students from any time zone in the world making your competition to be truly international.

On top of that, the international leagues allow students to practice more local formats of debate and face off against a different pool of international competition, granting a greater range of debate and variation.

With the chance to debate every month, the opportunity for development through practice is unlimited which also makes the Cosmos Championship a perfect training ground for any debater all the while being an international competition.


To be allegeable, debaters must meet the following criteria:

  • Capable English speakers.

  • A desktop/laptop with the following peripherals-

    •  A clear microphone, preferably with echo-cancelling, which can pick up your voice clearly, or some other type of device which can achieve similar results (such as Bluetooth headphones/earbuds).

    • A Camera; the one on a laptop will do.

  • A stable internet connection.

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