JANUARY 14th 2021
Information emails have now been sent out to our debaters and adjudicators this weekend. If you think you should have received an email but have not, please contact whoever registered your team's interest to participate to see if they have received some information. If they have not, contact us at 
JANUARY 13th 2021
To avoid confusion, all future rounds have been added to the "upcoming debates" page. Please note, all of these rounds are optional. Further information about rounds far away from now will be added closer to the round's date.
JANUARY 8th 2021
You can now confirm your interest as an individual for upcoming debates. This is for when your team cannot make a debate
DECEMBER 28th 2020
You can now become an ambassador for the Cosmos Championship: the world's most international debate competition! 
Go to "JOIN US" in the menu to find out more and apply. 
DECEMBER 2nd 2020
We now have a new page on our website!
Found under "How it Works", it is a compilation of resources to help you become a pro at the WSDC format.
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