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The Cosmos Championship,, is the world’s first free, global, ultra-accessible, virtual debate competition allowing any teenager to debate on an international scale: something usually exclusive to the best debaters in the world. While it is a competition, the Cosmos Championship has also been designed as the perfect training ground for novices to national champions by letting participants face teams of equal skill as many times as they want. The purpose of the competition is to allow anyone to engage with the vast variety of perspectives, ideas, and ideals from all over the world no matter who or where they are.

The Cosmos Championship has already had registrations from 84 countries making it the world's most international debate competition; even surpassing the world's largest debate competition: the World Schools Debating Championship. 

Furthermore, the Cosmos Championship has already been featured on Crimson Education's "Top of the Class Podcast", national media in New Zealand, and will be featured nationally by the New Zealand Ministry of Education (the wing of New Zealand's government in charge of education and youth). 

Of course, with a goal of reaching 3000 registrations and becoming one of the most notable debate competitions in the world, we need a great team behind the competition, and that is why we need you!
Through this opportunity, you will be able to apply both existing skills and learn new ones, receive world-class mentorship, and help thousands of students around the world make use of this unprecedented opportunity. Should you thrive as an ambassador for the Cosmos Championship, you may be given the opportunity to join our senior management team.

All of this will also form a fantastic leadership capstone for your university applications and future endeavours.

Please note that as an Ambassador for the Cosmos Championship, you are encouraged to participate as a debater or adjudicator.


In order to make sure that we have the best students behind the Cosmos Championship, we have positions with timelines and time commitments to suit anyone. That is why you can let us know how much time you would like to commit to the Comos Championship and we will create a schedule that is perfect for you! 

Regional Ambassador for the Cosmos Championship:
Our Regional Ambassadors are vital in allowing us to engage with regional communities, organisations, and debaters to make sure that no matter where you are, you can find out and benefit from the Cosmos Championship. 
As a Regional Ambassador, you would reach out to local clubs and communities inside your state who would be interested in the Cosmos Championship and let them know of this opportunity while acting as a liaison for the competition.

The recommended time commitment for this position is 1 hour per week.

High-School Ambassador for the Cosmos Championship:
Our High-School Ambassadors are vital in allowing us to directly engage with students in your city to make sure that as many people can benefit from the Cosmos Championship. 
As a High-School Ambassador, you will work with your school in letting students know about the Cosmos Championship and keeping them engaged with the competition. This may mean that you work with your local debate club, let other students know through interschool competitions, or send out a notice every week letting students know of upcoming debates and opportunities relating to the Cosmos Championship.

The recommended time commitment for this position is 15 minutes per week.