For the Australasia, European, and Intercontinental leagues, debates will be in a world schools debating format as a 3 vs 3, with leaders replies and Points of information.

If you are unfamiliar with WSDC, please click here! Luckily it is very similar to most formats.

Speaking times are 4-5 minutes in the junior leagues with 3 minute replies, and 6-7 minutes in the senior leagues with 4 minute replies.

For the Public Forum league, debates will follow the "Standard" Public Forum debate format of a 2 vs 2, with speaking times and structure as follows-

First Speaker - Team A

First Speaker - Team B


Second Speaker - Team A

Second Speaker - Team B


Summary - First Speaker - Team A

Summary - First Speaker - Team B

Grand Crossfire

Final Focus - Second Speaker - Team A

Final Focus - Second Speaker - Team B

Prep time during debate

4 minutes

4 minutes

3 minutes

4 minutes

4 minutes 

3 minutes

3 minutes

3 minutes

3 minutes

2 minutes

2 minutes

3 minutes per team

For the Parliamentary league, debates will follow the NPDA Parliamentary debate format of a 2 vs 2, with Points of information.

Speaking times follow the format 5-6-6-6-3-4 in the junior leagues, and 6-7-7-7-4-5 in the senior leagues.

All debates are limited prep with access to devices. However, Preparation times vary depending on which league the team falls into. 

  • In the Junior league (ages 12-15), teams are given 45 minutes before debating commences.

  • In the Senior league (ages 16-19), teams are given 35 minutes before debating commences.

This provides a fantastic opportunity for teams who have little to no experience in limited prep debates, as it allows them to gain more experience in this style of debating in a low-pressure environment. For more seasoned veterans, it provides even more chances to further hone their skills in this style.


Seven minutes after the designated start time, the moots will be selected and released by an administrator in the call. Teams will then be moved into breakout rooms to allow them to prepare for their debate.


Following the limited prep phase, teams will be moved into new breakout rooms with an adjudicator and their opposition to allow their debate to commence. For clarification on the rules, style of debate, and limited prep, click here.


If you are late to join the debate call, you will be moved into the breakout room with the rest of your team but will not gain any additional preparation time. If you or your team do not join the call and have not informed us beforehand, you will face consequences including, but not limited to, immediate expulsion from the competition.


Your reserve team member (if you have one) will not be allowed to help the team during the limited preparation phase but may watch the debate. 


Each league, both intercontinental and international, has their own season made up of nine rounds of one debate each, every month (with an exception for December), from August to May. All of these rounds are optional; think of it as free, on-demand, debating. If you want to debate on random weekends, then do that, even if that means you only debate once or twice during a season.


However, if you want to be considered for a leagues' finals, you need to debate in at least six debates in the Cosmos Championship which are the same format as that league. For example, both the Atlantic League and European league are WSDC meaning if a team has had at least six debates over those two leagues, they meet the requirements to be considered for a league's final which is also WSDC.


The top teams from each league final (which are WSDC format) will then compete in a Grand Final to be the winners of the Cosmos Championship. 


"What if I get too old for the age group I'm competing in during a season?"

What age group you fall in is determined by your age at the start of a leagues season (their first round of debating). This means that if you turn 16 in December, you will still be competing in the junior age category for that season. 

When do registration dates close for the Cosmos Championship?

Registration dates are open for the entire season meaning you can sign up to a league at any point.


However, submissions of interest to debate in an upcoming round in a league you have signed up for will close five days after they have opened, and they will open two weeks before the scheduled time for the round to take place. To check when submissions of interest have opened and closed, stay up to date with our noticeboard.

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