What does a full season look like?

Each league, both intercontinental and international, has their own season made up of nine rounds of one debate each, every month (with an exception for December), from August to May. All of these rounds are optional; think of it as free, on-demand, debating. If you want to debate on random weekends, then do that, even if that means you only debate once or twice during a season.


However, if you want to be considered for a leagues' finals, you need to debate in at least six debates in the Cosmos Championship which are the same format as that league. For example, both the Atlantic League and European league are WSDC meaning if a team has had at least six debates over those two leagues, they meet the requirements to be considered for a league's final which is also WSDC.


The top teams from each league final (which are WSDC format) will then compete in a Grand Final to be the winners of the Cosmos Championship. 

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