What does a typical debate look like?

Seven minutes after the designated start time, the moot will be announced in the zoom call. Teams will then be moved into breakout rooms to allow them to prepare for their debate.


Following the limited prep phase, teams will be moved into new breakout rooms with an adjudicator and their opposition for the debate. For clarification on the rules, style of debate, and limited preparation, click here.


If you are late to join the debate call, you will be moved into the breakout room with the rest of your team but will not gain any additional preparation time. If you or your team do not join the call and have not informed us beforehand, you will face consequences.


Your reserve team member (if you have one) will not be allowed to help the team during the limited preparation phase but may watch the debate. 

"Break sessions" will occur throughout the entire debate to allow the teams to have a chat with one another. This acts as a great opportunity to network, make a couple new friends, and see what life is like on the other side of the world.