The World's First Global, Virtual Debate Championship 




Inspire understanding in the perspectives of our world, through debate, while championing accessibility

What is The Cosmos


Think about debating's take of Saturday morning football...

The Cosmos Championship is a global, virtual debating platform for high school students of any skill level. 

Almost every week, we host several debates to accommodate all of the regions of the world. No debate is mandatory, but each one is a blast!

For experienced debaters, The Cosmos Championship acts as the perfect training ground to practice debating on an international stage in order to expand frontiers and become a better debater. Debaters also get the opportunity to try out different formats!

For participants who are new to debating, The Cosmos Championship acts as the perfect platform to try debating out in a low pressure and social environment, while engaging with people who live thousands of Kilometers away.

One way or another it is an unprecedented opportunity: an absolute score!

no deadline

Registrations for a season are open throughout the entire season.


This means that there is nothing to stop you from participating

Its Free

That's right!

The entry cost is $0.00

You can't be more accessible than that

Its Global

With 84 countries already participating, the Cosmos Championship provides a unprecedented opportunity to engage with the perspectives of the world

For youth

by youth

By being for youth by youth, we focus on the ideas that are most relevant to you

Anyone can participate

From novices to national champions, anyone of any skill level can participate in the Cosmos Championship and we will find the perfect competition for you

Burning questions?

We're always open to questions, so do send us a message! 

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